Thursday, September 01, 2005

not sure how much i'll sleep tonight....

heard the gate squeeking earlier. it's right outside the bedroom window. lovely. i'm not going outside in the dark. that, and i have yet to be able to get that stupid gate to close. oh i know it's handy, but it still needs some work. maybe i could use the toilet to prop it closed. (yes, rto put it outside on the side of the house. grrrrrr)

but i have to get up tomorrow, made an appointment to get the car fixed. probably could have made it for later, but figured, what the heck.

thinking about changing up assembly on the afghan. see, right now it's kind of.... boring, making one brown square after another. so i'm thinking, maybe i'll mix it up and assemble the thing as i go, which means making some green squares and some green and brown squares. yeah, that should do it. :P