Monday, March 13, 2006

what the?

i am soooo not assertive. so, i had a follow up today, which usually just entails chatting with the doctor and getting my meds refilled, but noooo today he's all like, "i don't think you realize how bad your allergies are" i guess cause i'm not concerned about being symptomless? the kitties and puppy probably help more than hurt (if we compare physical to mental health benefits)things are much better, i can function more days than not. anyway, so i explain how i don't use the nose spray he prescribed becuase then my nose bleeds multiple times a day, and he says, that's funny cause it's supposed to be the one least likely to do that. okay, so tell my nose that, i'm sure it cares. so he prescribed something different. and antibiotics and i got a cortisone shot (which i'm not reeeeeeal happy about, but he assured me my voice would be fine after a couple days) and i'm supposed to go back in a couple weeks for a rhinoscope. fun, fun. seems to think maybe i have a polyp in my nose, the coritzone may or may not take care of it. just a little more than i was expecting today.

so i guess it was handy i was planning on stopping by the drug store anyway for makeup, i realized last night that i'd used up what stuff i had for stage during Cinderella.

oh, and i forgot to put the puppy outside when i left. everyone seems to be okay. she bolted out the door this afternoon when UPS delivered a package. fortunately the ups lady caught her. i swear i'm not beating her.