Tuesday, June 06, 2006

today's weirdness.... so far.....

freaky nurse at the allergist.... i've seen him there before, but today he was just trying to hard to entertain himself. and at first i think he's really good cause i'm not getting stabbed.... and then the burning starts. eh, that's probably not his fault.

two odd messages on the machine, well, okay, one hang-up and one i don't know what, breathing and maybe a tv in the background.

found a broken collar and mangled rabies tags in the front yard (near the front door), no i.d. and no other signs of animals.

just got an email from myself with something that looks like a phone number, except I didn't send it and it has no area code which just doesn't work where i live.

day ain't over yet.....

oh, oh, also a couple of roxie/carlos moments. the first one, Carlos decided that roxie smelled funny (probably from her stay at the neighbor's house) and went to check her out, they were practically nose to nose and no one was injured or got bent out of shape. and then they stared at each other later, again with no ensuing growling or hissing or chasing.