Monday, January 22, 2007

night owl records....

thought I'd get a couple in before I conk out.

Viva! - Percy Faith and his Orchestra: Mexican music. more La Cucaracha. oh, and Ciapanecas, my voice teacher in high school would use that for a warm up. I didn't realize that until last night, even sang the word though I never knew what it was, still don't, but at least I know it's the title of the song.

Ten Trumpets and 2 guitars - Pete Rugolo and orchestra: this one is interesting just for the copious liner notes. it's like a play-by -play for each song. for example, for Struttin' with Some Barbecue:

Pete Candoli (L) plays the introduction. Then Cappy Lewis, (R), takes up the tune. He's followed by Mannie Klein, (L).

The two guitars have two bars apiece - first Roberts (L) - then Viola (R). Now comes an ensemble answering part with section A (L) playing open answered by section B (R) in mutes.

More guitars left and right and then the Armstrong chorus scored by Pete for the full ensemble. Notice the sly and amusing interpolation, at the end, of the Louis Armstrong's theme Sleepy Time down South.
also in the liner notes is a description of what a flugelhorn is and a diagram of how everyone was arranged in the studio. You can read more about Pete Rugolo at Wikipedia. looks like he did some work scoring TV and films. one of the songs on the album is Trumpets at Large (Bachelor at Large Theme) written for the Tab Hunter show.