Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday recording

Christmas Organ and Chimes - Ken Grisson on the Pipe Organ and Larry Daniels with the Bethlehem Chimes: I tried to see if there was some story behind the "Bethlehem Chimes" but I'm not finding anything (except this seemingly now defunct blog about records it's fun if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you can see his recording set-up, it's much more serious than mine) anyway the title pretty much covers. you've got yer Pipe Organ and youv'e got yer Chimes and they're playing Christmas music. all carols, no pop stuff. and the chimes seem kinda a sluggish sometimes, like they're too heavy to keep up and the pipe organ is not slowing down for nobody.

The Great Songs of Christmas By Great Artists of Our Time Album Three: This is one of those Goodyear special thingers. I didn't find it as entertaining as my favorite but there's still some good things here. Percy Faith, Julie Andrews, Robert Goulet, Andre Previn, but I think I liked the New Christy Minstrels best. They sing Snow in the Street and Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine and close out the album with Wassail, Wassail All Over the Town. I don't think I've ever heard Snow in the Street before, and it segued into Joseph so well I thought it was just some odd part of that tune I wasn't familiar with. There's also a lively arrangement of Carol of the Bells directed by Leonard Bernstein. That song usually annoys me, but this one made me pause and listen.