Monday, April 04, 2005

and since Mondays aren't bad enough by themselves

RTO found the remnants of a bag of dark chocolate easter eggs on the floor this morning. GREAT!!!! Can't call the vet right away because i have NO PHONE!!! (rto's cell phone was dead) besides, he wasn't sure what was so bad about dogs and chocolate anyway, he'd had other dogs that ate it and never had a problem. well, once the phone was back up i did some checking online. Decided i should call the vet just in case. puppy appeared to be okay, but i'd feel better anyway. so talked to the vet, told them how much we thought she'd eaten and when(many, many hours before) she asked if the puppy was throwing up, uh, nope just wired. she said it had been so long that it probably wouldn't make much difference if we brought her in or not, just keep an eye on her in case she does get sick. RTO told me to keep her in the house to watch her. HE WILL PAY!!!!! roxie's hyper enough as it is, but hyped up on chocolate? if only i could harness that to run my car! i had to put her outside, she was just too wild, chasing the cats, launching herself at me to play with her. she seems okay now. not panting anymore, has slept some. I swear the cats are trying to get her in trouble, knocking stuff in the floor, knowing she'll eat it. like my glasses, oh, and the spray bottle we squirt them with when they growl at her. yeah, real subtle guys.