Sunday, December 31, 2006


hopefully i'm getting it out of my system before the new year starts. I realized at about 5:30 that I hadn't had any coffee today. what up with that?

probably I got distracted by Roxie. I was watching her through the kitchen window. She picked something up and started running around the back yard. Turns out it was a little piece of rawhide not a dead animal, which was good. But then, as I'm watching her, she proceeds to bury this little prize in one of the containers on the patio. I planted some seeds in them months ago, but they've only grown weeds, she had dug into one of them shortly after I planted them, but I don't think she'd touched them since. It was just weird watching her do that. Yeah, I made an elevated bed just for you puppy!

anyhoo, did some running around today. picked up a page-a-day pisces calendar so I'm good to go now. I did not know it was going to be so cold today or I would have worn a sweater. oh well. back to the records and paper.