Saturday, December 30, 2006

esprit d'escalier

I went to Best Buy yesterday looking for stylus cartridges for the turntable and also because I had a gift certificate. I was thinking, if nothing else, maybe I could get some ear buds that would be small enough to fit my ears. So while I was looking to the headphones this kid came up and asked if I was finding everything okay.

"yeah, oooh, um, do you have, um, needles for turntables?"

he said no, my best bet would be online and how did I set up my rig. he prefers his turntables side by side and it all runs into his laptop so he can mix mp3's. I was caught off guard by that one, told him I was just transfering my LP's to mp3's. what I should have said was, "I just like old people music" I'm old and mildly technophobic.