Saturday, December 30, 2006

now that I can add labels.....

think I'll start with Records. so now I'll have something to post about. hee hee. Sometimes I wonder what possessed me to make some of these purchases, usually there's a song I recognize, or it just sounds like such an interesting concept and it only costs a dollar! so, to catch up, here's what I've recorded the past couple days and anything interesting about it I feel like rambling on.

Cha Cha favorites - Al Stefano and his Trio: um, who doesn't like Cha Cha music?

Dilo (ugh!) - Perez Prado and his Orchestra featuring Patricia: $1!!!! my favorite bit from the back cover, "Not the least intriguing aspect of Prado's musical war cry is how he manages to make "Dilo!" sound like "Ugh!" The exact technique is his own secret, but it would appear to the analytic ear that he accomplishes the transition by removing the vowels and the consonants from the word before exhaling" - Watson Wylie. um, yeah.

Latin Rendezvous - The George Shearing Quintet: this has More on it, so that's probably why i picked it up.

Forever Yours - The Ray Charles Singers: one dollar! it looks like i purchased this with a couple others that were all part of "the Longines Symphonette Society presents...."

Immortal Performances - featuring... well, lots o' people, it's a grab bag o' stuff that the Longines Symphonette thought was cool, Tommy Dorsey, Cab Calloway, Billie Holiday, Enrico Caruso, Sergei Rachmaninoff just to name a few i recognize.

Songs of the Trail - LSSp: this has the Ballad of Davy Crockett on it. RTO and I call that our song. maybe I'll explain that one later.

The Genius of Jankowski! - Horst Jankowski and the Jankowski choir: how could I resist "Musical Dreams played by an exciting new blend of strings and chorus" for only a dollar?

Music Box Waltzes and Popular Tunes - The Porter Twin Disc Music Box: yes, a dollar, and the second side of pop tunes, well, I was just really curious about what You Light up my Life sounded like on a twin disc music box.

I love cheese! maybe that's what I should label these? nah, we'll stick with records.