Saturday, December 30, 2006

Today's Records...

but first, did some digging online and found out how to get sound out of the laptop while it's recording. so now I can hear if something starts skipping. yay! also learned that if I change the Recording control from Mic to Stereo Mix it records other sounds, like notification that a buddy has come online. oops.

Hawaii Calling - Johnny Poi and his Surfboarders: I have a weakness for Hawaiian music.

Hail Sousa! - University of Michigan Band; Dr. William D. Revelli, conductor: pretty sure i got this for RTO.

Waltzes - But by Cugat! - Xavier Cugat and his orchestra: hello!? Cugat!!! he gets exclamation points behind his name! mmmmmmm, Lady of Spain.

What Now My Love - Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass: quality cheese! but this one I may have to break down and just buy a cd, probably the second worst so far condition wise and trying to take even only the clicks out distorted some of the tracks. I'm making no sense.... it's 2:20 in the morning.... time for sleep.