Sunday, January 28, 2007

cookbook, cookbook, cookbook!

ha ha haaaaaa. yeah, I've picked up a couple cookbooks for non-cookers. Cook Something by Mitchell Davis, which is where I got the hummus and miso soup recipes. I like the way it's arranged as well, all the recipes are in alphabetical order and there's an index that lists everything in different categories that aren't typical, such as lunch, dinner, party, half hour or less, before it grows mold and i can cross-reference it to narrow down what i might want to try (what's on the comfort food list that takes less than an hour to make? Home Fries, among other things). and if I make something I like most recipes list other recipes in the book that are related. Either they would go well together or have some odd ingredients in common (because how many uses for tahini are there really?) had miso soup for dinner again, overdid it on the nori this time. maybe next time i'll get it juuuuuust right.