Thursday, January 25, 2007


Floyd Cramer gets Organ-ized: um, yeah, I was starting to wonder where the title for this one came from because on the first side I was not hearing organ. Unless it was an organ that sounded very much like a piano, which I don't think they had when this album was made. Second side is all organ. hmmmm. dude couldn't record more than six songs on the organ? I don't know, maybe he didn't want to, I don't blame him, his style didn't really carry over well onto the organ. mom used to get peeved with me when I'd tell her she'd been playing the organ too much and her piano accompaniment was suffering for it. they are just two different critters, okay? I know they look very similar what with all those black and white keys, but they're different.

Luau at Waikiki - Ray Kinney, Master of Ceremonies; presenting: Harold Hakuole and The Villagers, Nalani, The Kuuipos: oh, Recorded Live at the Long House at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. wow, do they still do these? so cheesey. aw, everyone gets to sing Aloha Oe at the end.