Tuesday, January 23, 2007

today's record (s)?

this may be the only one cause I think I'm gonna try to get away from the computer for a while after this, watch the news, get some knitting done. eh, we'll see.

Sonic Seasonings - Walter Carlos: no idea where this came from, I might have thought it looked interesting. and it is, but not in a pleasantly surprising way. 2 discs, each season gets a side. It's mainly a bunch of electronics noises. Winter is finishing up right now... lots o' wolves howling. from the notes:

All this is simply to explain what SONIC SEASONINGS is all about: It is an aural tapestry created by the imagination and expertise of Walter Carlos, from impressionistic and expressionistic experiences of Nature. It contains natural sounds, recorded in Quad as realistically as possible and subtly mixed with electronic and instrumental sounds in an effort to create four evolving, undulating cycles evocative of the moods of earth's seasons. We have manipulated these sounds - electronically orchestrated them, so to speak - into an amalgam of the natural and the synthetic.
apparently Mr. Carlos also did some movie scoring. OMG I just pulled up the IMDB bio for, uh, W. Carlos. sorry, didn't mean to alarm ya there. You can visit Wendy's homepage here. some interesting stuff there if you're curious about synthesizers or electronic music in general. I think I have some other albums.... we'll see.

ha, I'm sneeking some more in.....

Bacharach Songbook - Various Artists: just a weird mix of people and songs, like Columbia went, "Hey! Bacharach is popular, let's throw together an album!" for example side one has Ray Coniff & The Singers, Aretha Franklin, Andre Kostelanetz & His Orchestra, Charlie Byrd and Jerry Vale.

Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano - Claude Bolling, Pianist/Composer, Jean-Pierre Rampal, Flutist: I picked this one up because in college a friend of mine and i used to mangle this in our free time. mainly cause I was always sight reading. anyway, it's some pleasant fluffy stuff.