Sunday, January 07, 2007

some day i will catch up...

till then, more records.....

Let's Dance - Russ Morgan and his Orchestra: I really think they could have given this one a better title. Something that was more descriptive of the content. Four out of the twelve tracks have the names of southern states in them (okay, Missouri might be a toss up) and then you've got the Banjo Tango. which, may I just say how much I love self referential songs? we get the tune and lyrics about how great the tune is! usually for dancing along with. yes! It's the Banjo Tango! It's Great! You will dance to it!

Strauss Waltzes - The New London Symphonic Orchestra conducted by Lionel Atkins: all the hits, the Blue Danube, Tales from the Vienna Woods, Emperor Waltz.heeeeeey, who let the Pizzicato Polka in here?

The Lord's Prayer Volume II - The Mormon Tabernacle Choir- Richard P. Condie, Director-The Philadelphia Orchestra - Eugene Ormandy, Conducting: skimming ahead i can now recognize all the Box o' Records purchases, they all have tags on them with the dealer number. yay! anyhoo, this one made my eyebrows shoot up because the first track is Schubert's Ave Maria, but they're doing it in English as Heavenly Father! (their exclamation point, not mine, well, okay I could give it one, but I didn't want to come across as too elitist) hmmmmmm. whole album is classical stuff, all english (translated if it needed to be) I'm not familiar enough with some of the other songs to know if they mangled the "translations" or not. oh, and they managed to sneak in a bit from the Book of Mormon, Old Things Are Done Away (from the "Oratorio From the Book of Mormon" by Leroy J. Robertson)