Wednesday, January 03, 2007

where is the bread?

so Sunday I had to go get some bread, no big deal, right? so I'm in Target and I think, "Hey! how bout some hot dogs for new years!?" (you party your way, I'll party mine.) yay! but I get to the bread aisle and there are no hot dog buns to be found. fortunately no one likes wheat bread so i could at least get what I came for, but everything was pretty picked over. had to get milk today, stopped on the way home, the bread aisle didn't look any better. I did managed to spot a package of Sara Lee Heart Healthy Wheat hot dog buns on a bottom shelf. I thought fat free dogs were of the devil and there couldn't possibly be another way to mess up a hot dog, but I was wrong.

anyhoo, must be some weirdness going on today, I bought treats for everyone. new scratchy thing and purr pads for the kitties. (which they are completely ignoring now that they're high on cat scratcher nip) new asthma friendly bunny for Roxie. (they are cheap and don't have any features that can be gnawed off) some 75% off christmas malted milk balls and a t-shirt for me. oh and hot dogs. so many things on sale.