Sunday, February 04, 2007


I have a few... a couple i think are RTO's anyhoo, thought I'd knock them out today.

Henry Mancini and his Orchestra - Pink Panther Theme and Dear Heart: one of these I'm familiar with, one I'm not. it wasn't offensive or anything, just not one of his better things.

Sweet Pickles - Lion Looks at Love and Lion Looks at Hair: I am soooo Goof off Goose. obviously Lion's goofiness scarred me for life. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME CLEAN MY HAIR!!!!! AND WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT IN YOUR BACKYARD!!!???!!!

Louie Louie - The Kingsmen and High on a Hill - Scott English: not sure why these two were paired together, but ther ya go. I did not recognize HoaH. oh well.

A Treasury of Immortal Performances - Famous Duets: this is a box set of 45's, eight opera duets, the latest being recorded in 1927. a couple of Caruso, a couple Farrar and some others i don't recognize. I'll just say early recording methods were not kind to sopranos. or orchestras. I like the records themselves though, because they are red and transparent. whee!

A Treasury of Immortal Performances - Wagner: more Met stars. all Wagner. about half of this set is Friedrich Schorr singing various Meistersinger bits. and thankfully a couple of the soprano recordings are from the early thirties so they don't sound as whiny.

and that's all the 45's. and I only forgot to change the speed one time.