Monday, January 29, 2007

chats with RTO

Gwynnifer: anyhoo, in other news, I notice i get distracted easily by trolls.
RTOTrainer: no?
Gwynnifer: andn timmyb admitted to being an ass.
RTOTrainer: say it ain't so.
RTOTrainer: he's classic online psychology.
Gwynnifer: ja, and it usually happens late at night when i should be sleeping. so i'm thinking there might be a connection there.
Gwynnifer: i need to set a rule. Maggie Katzen shall not comment after 1:30 a.m.
Gwynnifer: unless it's funny.
RTOTrainer: right
Gwynnifer: which it may not actually be funny because again, of the sleep deprivation.
Gwynnifer: so probably should just stick with "no comment"
RTOTrainer: possibly