Sunday, February 04, 2007

not 45's and a request....

i'm about to o.d. on "Hawaiin" stuff. I didn't think that was possible. um, anyway, I have one album that I can't read the only english on it is "STEREOPHONIC" the rest is kanji of some sort, I suspect it's a soundtrack from the picture(s) on the cover. anyhoo, anyone know someone that could translate it for me? I'll try to get a picture of the cover here in the next few days. moving on ...

Aloha from Hawaii - The Diamond Head Beachcombers: it was recorded in New York City! they mention Hawaii being the newest state... which may explain why there are soooo many cheesey records.

far away music - Don Baker at the console: of some organ they dug out of storage.

The instrument previously saw two years of service at a theatre in Redwood City, California. It took four days of painstaking labor to extricate the 17,000-pound Robert Morton organ from its vault, and three months to install it for the Whitney studios under the expert supervision of specialist Henry Rossner.

The mammoth organ was voiced for the studio by Henry Pope, one of the leading organ technicians in the United States. It has recently been augmented with new pipes and stops, and an extra manual, to bring it up to an impressive four manuals and 24 ranks, involving approximately two thousand pipes. These ranks are capable of producing the sound of almost all members of an orchestra's string, reed, brass and percussion sections, including mandolin, English posthorn, glockenspiel, tambourine, vibraharp and piano.
errrr, it all sounds like organ to me. except for the chimes. anyway it's a pleasent enough album. I think I picked it up because it's organ and it has In a Persian Market on it. Japanese Sandman is nice too.