Saturday, April 07, 2007

sneaky records....

so in about the time it takes me to read the day's paper, I can get one record transfered. this week I've been working my way through the boxed set Mood Music from the Movies. yes it's Reader's Digest Pleasure Programmed (that sound a bit, um, icky) anyhoo, six whole records of music from movies, mostly not from the soundtracks, but rearranged and also from lots of movies I've never heard of. I mean, Airport? apparently it had a great soundtrack since it got two tracks. for the most part these would be great for innocuous background noise. not too distracting. there were a few things that struck me as entertaining as i was listening to them, but I've slept since then and can't remember what they were. something about mandolins. aw yeah! ooooh, it looks like I paid all of 99 cents for this set. quite the deal there. there will be more RD boxed sets to come later. I think I'll probably ramble about each album individually because obviously I've forgotten things over the last few days. too many movies, it's rotting my brain.

Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles: I debated recording this one since I could probably find a remastered cd for cheap. and I can't really add anything to whatever has been said about it. I was wondering if it was a compilation because it doesn't seem to gel as well as some of their other albums, but apparently it's not and i'm not the only one to have that impression of it. (at least that's what i gather from skimming a few amazon reviews) but, would the cd include the trippy photos and cartoons? I don't know. this also had a poster from the white album stashed in it. oops. (I'll put it back where it belongs) and 8x10's of Paul, Ringo, and George.... John is missing, couldn't tell you if I lost it or dad did something with it. ;D

speaking of the white album, I won't be transfering it cause i already have it on cd. also skipping Sgt. Pepper's and Moody Blues' Days of Future Passed. though may I just say it's a bit annoying/amusing how the cd splits the tracks on that one, I need to figure out how to tell itunes to keep them all together.