Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday recording....

Faust - Gounod: sung by Corelli, Sutherland, Ghiaurov and some others.... London Symphony Orchestra. I prefer the other recording of this that I've got. Sutherland would not be my fave in this role, sometimes she has this kind of odd covered sound thing going on and it just doesn't work for Marguerite. for me anyway. and then there's some interesting musical decisions. (reading the Amazon reviews, one notes that it's a German version with extra music in the final scene) I mean there's an extra record here! heh.

Pop Organ Varieties - Golden Organ Million Sellers - Richard Wayne at the Hammond Organ: woooo, a boxed set of organ tunes! This album has Tico Tico and Lady of Spain and one of my favorites, Summer Samba. I may already have that one on CD, a couple tracks here sounded familiar. Anyway, bout what I'd expect from an organ album.