Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tuesday recording

Finishing up the Pop Organ Varieties box.....

Happy Hits with a Beat - Harry Stoneham athe Lowrey Organ: interestingly enough they add some normal percussion rather than relying only on the organ. He does so much noodling on Georgia on My Mind it took some effort to recognize it.

Record 3 - Bob Benson at the Baldwin Organ: the titles for each side were so long I didn't want to type them out and bold them. so there. side two was supposed to be all moody and I just didn't hear it, either Mr. Benson was lazy or the Baldwin isn't very versatile.

South Sea Island Magic - Richard Wayne at the Lowrey Organ: some very familiar sounding things here and even though I don't see a scratch on the thing, side two so far hasn't yeilded a non-skipping track yet. grrrrrrr. and the bird noises were so nice at the beginning of Bali Ha'i.