Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday recording....

Cocktail Piano Time - Record 3: Things I've learned- Falling Leaves is not the same as Autumn Leaves and I do know I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance. oh, and the song called Flamingo isn't nearly as entertaining as you'd expect a song with that title to be. There are a couple of tracks featuring Rosemary Squires (All I Need is You and Mean to Me), but i haven't decided yet if I like her style or not, probably more just ambivalent.

Record 4: or "All about Autumn" well, they give each side a title so we have Autumn Leaves and Autumn Nocturne. Autumn Leaves kicks off with the Third Man Theme. we watched this movie a few weeks ago so it was still fresh. It kinda works in a piano quintet. Reg Guest plays the peppiest arrangement of Nature Boy I've ever heard, NTTAWWT. and side one closes with a bombastic arrangement of On Green Dolphin Street by Ronnie Price. Price is probably the runner up for my favorite in this series. a bit more lush sounding than Horrox, but his arrangements still feature some interesting rhythmic choices. side two, um, I zoned out, Canadian Sunset was almost unrecognizable and nothing after it really grabbed my attention.