Thursday, May 14, 2009

Roxie, Rockstar!

to start at the beginning... last Saturday, I'm checking my phone between shows and there are two messages from RTO. He'd been working in the yard and accidentally left the garage door open and Roxie took off. (Wasn't sure what calling me was supposed to accomplish, he told me later he thought maybe I would know where she usually goes. um, no, she's pretty random.) Anyhoo, someone in our neighborhood saw her and picked her up because she looked confused and then they called the house. RTO picked her up shortly after that. (When I got home that night, there were four messages on the machine and they were quite entertaining. Message 1: "I have your dog", Message 2: "I hear you calling for her, I hope you check your messages soon" Message 3: "I still have Roxie" Message 4: "Roxie. She's at my house, call me")

Anyway, we were out for a walk tonight and hear this other person with a dachsund coming up behind us, so I'm trying to get Roxie out of the way and then the person says "Is that Roxie?" Ha ha, yes, it's the lady that caught her Saturday.

Then about half way through our walk, there's this group fishing and one guy sees us and asks "So, you found your dog?" I guess he'd been working out in his yard Saturday and RTO asked if he had seen her.

I'm a mess!