Wednesday, April 15, 2015

show's over

nothing on the radar. going to catch up some at home.

knee is still hurting... it was better when i didn't walk for a week, but then I walked and striking the set Sunday made it worse. so not walking dogs again.

started a new cross stitch project.. some bird ornaments. not nearly as difficult as the eagle thing, except there's gold metallic thread involved, ,which I hate. oh well.

oh, and I have a new niece, Scout. she was born the 1st and I went to OKC last week to see her. tiny. I've been told most babies are. ok.

got the front room painted and got rid of some high voice/soprano music in the process. freed up some space for all the stuff piled on the piano.  guest bathroom is next.  Matt came by last night to help get the mirror down. prolly waiting till the weekend to paint though.

we've started talking about possibly moving somewhere closer to where RTO works.  but there's a lot that needs to be done. Funny how all the projects we've put off will be done just so we can leave. eh, we'll see.