Saturday, May 30, 2015

insert title here

not much going on.  RTO has started annual training. The realtor sent out a couple to clean and help pack up the house. so most of the books are now out in the garage.  I kept a box o' records so I have something to do for the next month or two before we move. 

still can't walk dogs, but I have been given permission to do some light stationary biking. finally got around to that today. keeping the brace for another three weeks at least.

we've had some plumbing adventures here the last week, had water in the living room near the wet bar because the drainage line backed up. emptied that out and then found roots in the line out front.

having a quiet saturday here, just finished The Paris Wife.  Makes me think I should give Hemingway a second chance. also went to the store for lunches for the week and cereal. probably gonna take a nap and start the next/sixth Nikki Heat book later, haven't included those on my "things I'll admit to reading" list cause they're pretty light, like reading an episode of Castle really except the names are changed. oh well, fun stuff.