Thursday, May 14, 2015

Now it can be told...

RTO was fired a few weeks ago, but he's already accepted a new job.  only thing is it's in Oklahoma City, so we'll be moving. I think he'll really like this job, it's with the Oklahoma Military Department, and my family is up there too.

Still haven't been able to walk the dogs.  I see the doc again on the 19th, so we'll see if I can start up again soon.  I have a gigantic brace on my leg at the moment, and people ask me what happened. hard to believe it's been over a month since it happened. The dogs haven't gone as crazy as I thought they might, thankfully.  RTO walks them when he's home.

oh yeah, RTO's already working in OKC so it's making things... interesting. anyhoo, I'm busy worrying about things that haven't happened yet, like, what happens if our house sells before we find one in OKC, where will our dogs and kitties go? cause I looked at rent houses and if they even allow pets they want an arm and a leg for each one. and how much can RTO help pack. oh, gotta find a mover. yippee. hopefully Carlos will be helpful this time as well.  (I joke that his liking one of the moving estimators was why I picked that company for our move to Garland from Tulsa)