Tuesday, November 23, 2004

it just keeps raining

grrrrrrr. it's hard to stay awake when it's always so dark outside. the puppy has to stay inside and the cats hate me.

in other news, um, had rehearsal last night. was the only soprano that could sing at the pops rehearsal (one other sop sat next to me, but was too sick to sing), which didn't matter much because most of the time was spent trying to get the tenors and basses to sing the right notes. ha ha! found out I'm on the second row for the christmas concerts so I should get some quality tv time! Not that I'm concerned about whether or not I get any screen time. ;D

Redun came visiting this weekend. He had an interview with PS yesterday. It was nice to see him and would be cool if he moved down here, but who knows what will happen. My parents get here tomorrow. yay!