Saturday, November 20, 2004

s-a-t-u-r-d-a-y night!

oh yeah, exciting times here. okay, not really. spent most of the day home, made a trip out to acquire storage boxes. cleaned up one bedroom that we've been keeping the door closed to because we didn't want to look at it and who knows what the animals would have done to all the stuff in the floor. so you can see the floor in there now! yay! tomorrow we'll try another room. Then maybe we'll hang some pictures. I emptied two boxes that were left from the move last year, there's still a couple in other rooms.... one in the office, one in the bedroom, one (maybe two) in the other bedroom, or RTO suggested we call it my studio. except that I haven't really used the drawing table in there, except to hold clutter, too much clutter for me to work around. Got Roxie a new collar, the one she had kept getting loose so I got her a red leather one, it was actually a bit too big, so RTO made some extra holes in it. (mental note, she's a medium dog) didn't ever get the interview call this week, they'll probably call Monday night again while I'm at rehearsal, goofs. oh well. Maybe I'll get some student calls soon. yeah, that's it. Anyone near me interested in piano or voice lessons feel free to contact me. finished another dish cloth tonight. I'm having a problem with this gauge thing, my things are coming out the correct width, but not height. I think I'm still making my stitches too tight, who knows. but it's not like I'm making clothing so at this point it's not soooooo imperitive that things come out perfect. I'm practicing. and RTO will have more dish cloths than he'll know what to do with. hee hee. I guess my family might receive some also, we'll see. After this last one I now 0wn3z the popcorn stitch.