Monday, November 15, 2004

good news, bad news

or maybe not really news. We ordered a dining table Thursday, but it won't be here in time for Thanksgiving. though it's nice to finally find something after over a year of hunting.

Had a nice weekend, didn't do anything strenuous. watched movies. RTO doesn't understand it, I'm not sure I do completely, but I love Bollywood films. Last summer turner classic movies showed some every thursday for a month and I'd plant myself on the couch to watch them, stay up reallllly late. I think maybe it's the music, it doesn't matter what the movie is about there's going to be lots of music. Anyway Mother India was on Friday night and I stayed up to watch it. Saturday we watched Suspicion, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Gabriel over the Whitehouse and Dodsworth.

Last night we had a guest for dinner and RTO went all out. He saw it as a kind of Thanksgiving practice run. I think I'll probably spend TG sprawled out on the floor trying not to explode, so maybe it's good that we don't yet have a big table taking up space. ;D