Sunday, November 07, 2004

Sunday matinees

don't they know Sunday afternoons are for napping? apparently this wasn't lost on some audience members. this concert run has been the first that I've seen people so blatantly sleeping in the audience. One night there were these two girls on about the third row both sprawled out and asleep. My theory is that there was some extra credit involved for a few people since there was Shakespeare involved. I guess you don't have to prove you were paying attention, just there in a seat. I admit I thought about conkin' out a few times today, it gets dark, but, then I have an excuse, I've seen the thing like seven times now. anyhoo, we were talking about how we haven't had to sing a sunday matinee in ages, I think they even cancelled one in the upcoming christmas concerts, but we are doing saturday matinees. yay! two concerts in one day, hopefully they'll feed us in between. oops, checked the calendar, it was a Friday night concert that was cancelled and a Monday night and Saturday matinee that was added. I also volunteered to sing the pops concerts, cause they're fun, don't know what we're doing yet, will get the music tomorrow. yay!