Monday, January 03, 2005

RTO masterpiece theater

tonight's movie was Ran. Akira Kurosawa adaptation of King Lear. Can't really remember details o' KL, but was thinking that's what it was while watching it, then RTO said something about it that confirmed my suspicions. seemed to make much more sense with subtitles. (sidenote: i really don't see what the big deal is about shakespeare. :p though i guess there's something to be said for being adaptable to fuedal japan) anyway, also finished the davinci code last night. it was really good, and fun to read with RTO who was a bit more familiar with all the grail lore than me. i could see how somebody that hadn't ever heard this stuff before could get worried, confused, whatever. will have to read mr. brown's other books. also had fun with the bonus internet game, though i got accused of cheating. cia buildings don't seem to like being on mapquest. and can i help it if google turned up the answers? i guess RTO just likes to make things difficult, comes from his military training i'm sure. will have to talk more about masons and rosecrucians later. (bring on the kooks)