Monday, May 23, 2005

something i've been meaning to post....

one of rto's newsgroup friends sent this. we met her and her son this weekend.

Even my own child has an opinion on the war...and it comes from achild's eyes.

Earlier today, as I was going through myYahoo front page, I scrolleddown to the most e-mailed pics. There was a picture of an Armysoldier holding a child who was fatally wounded in a car bomb. It absolutely devastated me to see that and when Mathias asked me what that Army guy was doing, I told him that he was holding a child.Very quietly, he asked me why. I was honest and told him that he'd been hurt very badly and that the soldier was trying to comfort him. Mathias got tears in his eyes and asked if that kid died. Again, I was honest and told him that, yes, the little kid died. Mathias asked me if the Army guy did it or if it was the bad guys. I told him that the caption said it was from a car bomb, so that generally meant it was the bad guys.

That's when Mathias got angry (and he hasn't been angry since I quit smoking). He went off on a tangent about the stupid bad guys and that the reason he couldn't have his daddy was because of the stupid bad guys killing the kids and that his daddy was there to help those kids. This lasted a little while (and where I usually don't allow the use of "stupid", I let this one slide) and he finally stopped and looked at me. I asked him if he felt a little better and he said, "No. I will feel better when my daddy is back and no more daddies have to go to the desert. But those stupid bad guys have to stop killing kids first."

And this came from a five year old.


she told us saturday that he had been talking in his sleep the night before and was still angry about this, apparently yelling at someone in his dream. i'll post some pics of him later.