Thursday, June 09, 2005

what color is chocolate?

m'kay, so i conned rto into going to braum's for dinner(mmmm, chocolate shake), but true to their style they were sloooooow. rto got fed up and we left. :( so then he's like where do you want to eat? i suggested we just go home and order pizza like he wanted to do before we left. but noooooo. he suggested jack-in-the-box,

RTO: they make their shakes with real ice cream

MK: hmmmmm, chocolate ice cream? cause some other places make shakes with ice cream but it's just vanilla with syrup.

RTO: of course!

MK: well okay.

rto knows not of what he speaks. it was not chocolate, it was white! okay, maybe really, really , really, really, light brown. (i'm thinkin' i can't tan and i'm darker than this #$%(^* chocolate shake!!!!) rrrrraaaaaarrrrrrr. but i wasn't gonna let it go to waste and it wouldn't be good for my clothing to have another one tonight. well, rto will be gone for a couple weeks, i'm sure i'll find time to have a real one from braums.