Tuesday, June 07, 2005

what was i thinking?

got home from rehearsal last night and rto had put primer on part of the cabinets. i asked how long it needed to dry and he said, it's ready to be painted i just thought i'd wait til you got home. aaaaaw. so around 11 we started painting. (it was a pretty small section) rto had pulled the carpet back in one spot under the cabinets to make it easier to paint. so then we started cleaning up and he makes some comment about the carpet being pretty disgusting and maybe he'll just pull it out in the next few days, and i say "hey, the garbage pick up is tomorrow, we might as well do it tonight." so we did. ew. this makes me want to pull out all the carpet in the house. so much dust. and some mold. mmmmmm. course the bathroom is probably the worst spot in the house as far as carpeting goes, and it also had some extra kitty help. so that's something to do today, clean the floor. yippee!!!!