Wednesday, September 14, 2005

allergy ramblings...

someone mentioned their allergies bothering them over at gail's which reminded me about the appointment i had monday. may i just say i am most impressed with the allergist's office. almost everything is done by computer. they have little touchpads to check in on, and then the doctor just types stuff into your file during your visit. though really i don't feel it improves the service that much. maybe i'm just not assertive enough, but it seems like a lot of times they don't really listen to me.

one example, very first visit, we're talking about previous allergist encounters. i tell the doctor that years ago i'd had an xray of my head and was told that i have a deviated septum, if i'm remembering correctly one side of my nose is like 90% blocked by this, never had it worked on because i can breath okay, and not sure how it would effect my voice. doctor said, eh, i'm sure it's nothing. so then monday he's looking at my nose and says "wow, the left side is really blocked, you might consider getting that fixed" had me breath through each nostril and decides well, you don't seem to be too bothered by it, but it's something to think about getting fixed. *sigh* so the other thing is he originally prescribed a cortisol(? steroidal of some kind) nose spray, i took it for a couple weeks and then quit because my nose was bleeding too many times to keep track of on a daily basis. so this visit he's like, i'm gonna prescribe some more, cause i think you'll really want to use it come october when the mold gets bad. well, okay, maybe i'll try it on an every other day basis.

i complain, but really this treatment has helped. though i still avoid going outside for extended periods of time, it's just such a habit at this point. i laughed when he asked me about doing yardwork. ha ha, that's a good one. though i may have to do some here in the next week. :P stupid hurricane.

so the really depressing part of the visit? i tipped the scales at 158, yay!NOT! few weeks ago in the paper someone said that your weight should be 100 for the first five feet and then five pounds for each inch over that. so my ideal weight would be, um, 110. i can't tell you the last time i weighed that little. i'm trying to ease into some exercise, i've done little ten minute routines two or three times a week the last couple weeks. i figure i can handle anything for ten minutes (or not) right? so now that that's out there maybe i'll be more motivated to keep up with it. sure.