Saturday, September 03, 2005

fun observation.....

the sink will drain better when the drain is open.

background: i asked rto if we could get our bathroom cleaned up before he left (i know, i know, i'm a slavedriver) because it was one of those things that i'd look at, think, "i really should clear some stuff out, but where to begin? think i'll just go take a nap" anyway, not sure exactly how it happened, but rto decided the sink was clogged, it was filling up, but the water was murky so he couldn't see the bottom of it. so he dumps some drano in there, nothing happens. takes a plunger to it, still nothing. at this point i notice the little drain knob is up, check the other sink, the knob is down and the drain is open. but surely rto knew that......there's probably a problem with the thing. well, i stuck my hands in the water to feel the drain, rto yelled at me that my hands were going to be eaten by drano, but i did confirm that the drain stopper was down. ;D