Friday, March 31, 2006

I don't have to leave the house tomorrow if i don't want to.....

woo hoo! anyway, must have been too exited about that as i got stopped for speeding on the way home. got a warning for speeding and a citation for not having my current address on my license. best part? i refrained from explaining that i don't usually look like a street walker. it was tempting.... "just for the record officer, i don't usually wear this much make-up. no really, see i just got out of rehearsal" but i think that might have just made things worse, so i kept quiet. it was funny too because i'd mentioned to one guy that i'd noticed he'd passed me on the way there tonight. he was very much speeding. oh well.

did i mention that my job got extended another month? yeah, i'm that cool. i talked to them about changing my schedule though, so i'll be working M-W-Th instead off W-Th-F. cause let me tell you, three days in a row with rehearsals was kinda wearing me out.

In other news, no more dead animals for Laura, though i did wonder if she would try to take "Lassie" with her. she got a job with "rj" hours, yay! so now her weekends are free for band gigs. she mentioned the other day they were named Best Cover Band by the Oklahoma Gazette. (if you visit their site, she's the one with the big flabby arm. ;D)

anyone have a suggestion on how to fix my laptop keyboard? the f key keeps sticking. i thought of doing a post off just f words to demonstrate, but i don't have that kind off time...believe it or not. I'm pretty sure it's the keyboard and not me. yeah, that's it.