Tuesday, December 18, 2007

stayin' busy...

I offered to work extra this week since year end is coming and the office closes the week between Christmas and New Year. so my supervisor was all, "okay, I don't know if we'll need you or not" I worked til two yesterday and then they told me to call today before I came in (in the afternoon because I do stuff Tuesday mornings) Anyhoo, I call the office and they say, "yeah we got 60 invoices from XXX come on in" and I'm thinking "yay! I love doing invoices from XXX" really, it's the most mindless work so it's approaching zen. I look up the numbers, write down the different numbers that Oracle prefers and then I enter the invoices. don't have to deal with any people and at the end of the day I've moved the pile of papers from one side of my desk to the other.

anyhoo, so I entered a few other things they left on my desk first, get up to get a drink and when I come back there are EXPENSE REPORTS ON MY DESK! I hates them. okay, everyone hates them so I get to process them. I guess there can be amusing things about them. when you get really bored you can start making up stories about what these people have been doing on business trips. There's the guy that's always eating at Hooter's. The guy that's relocating and being reimbursed for shipping his three pomeranians. but otherwise it sucks having to represent "the man" and crack the whip on offenders for what seems small to them (and me) but rules is rules.

so i spent something like five hours looking at receipts (or not, if they lost them) worked til five thirty. and then RTO didn't get home til just before eight cause he was "team building" uh huh.

so, uh, in other news, does anyone else think it sounds crazy to pay six bucks for two pairs of black socks? I just can't bring myself to do it, but I've visited two Targets and a Walmart and the kind I like seem to be that price. maybe I shouldn't be so particular about them.