Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tuesday recording....

cause it's just so relaxing.

The Little Drummer Boy - The Jack Halloran Singers: Not one of my favorite Christmas tunes, but it's growing on me. Most of the numbers are a capella with some harp added on a few tracks. Mostly traditional stuff with Prince of Peace, taken from a church cantata written by Mrs. Halloran. The album cover says there are 17 singers but they don't sound like that small of a group.

Happy Holidays vol. 16 - Various artists: I think somebody looked at the list of tracks here and said, "screw it, I'll make this as jarring as possible." How else do you get Eugene Ormandy, Philadelphia Orchestra and Chorus performing Angels we Have Heard on High followed by Christmas is Here Again by Roger Whittaker? or on side two we've got Dottie West singing You Are my Christmas, Carol followed by Placido Domingo with Ave Maria. Anyway, pretty sure I've heard the Ella Fitzgerald Sleigh Ride before and Julie Andrews just annoys me, what's up with her diction? but this album was still quite the deal at 25 cents.