Friday, December 29, 2006

for the records....

got the turntable hooked up! it works! kinda strange, had a few technical difficulties, but I'm slowly making progress. the thing came with Cakewalk Pyro 5. so I press start on the turntable then press record on the computer. can't hear anything until the record is done and i listen to the playback. Cakewalk has something called audio restore that takes the clicks and hissing out... or something. it worked well on the first album, which was probably in the worst shape of the three i managed to record tonight. on the second two it didn't work quite as well, it took too much out and really distorted things. I know there's a way to manually tweak these things, but I didn't have that much patience tonight. not sure i'll ever have the patience. so I'm taking a "record everything with the least amount of work and then go back later if something is just so terrible I can't stand it" approach. so, that's three records down and lord knows how many to go. maybe i'll be done by the time RTO gets home.

oh, I also had a moment of consternation when I put the second record on and it wouldn't play. it looked like the needle wasn't catching and the arm would just go scooting across the disc. yep, it was broken. fortunately i was able to take the needle off my other turntable to replace it. but, i'll have to go out and get some more now in case that happens again.