Thursday, December 28, 2006

not a clarinet

but gail has a post about an instrument that can help with snoring.

a week or so ago, mom had asked me if I'd heard about clarinet playing helping snoring, since i'd played the clarinet ages ago. quick search turned up this article that mentions wind instruments:

Regularly playing a wind instrument over a four-month period can reduce snoring in men and women with moderate obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome - and also improve the sleep quality of partners.

But it has be the right wind instrument, where the right circular breathing techniques are used. According to Dr Maurice Preter of Columbia University, a clarinet, or even a didgeridoo, will do, but not a tuba For those seeking a musical partner who does not snore, it maybe best to avoid a tuba player.

anyhoo, mom also mentioned she found this bit about singing for snorers. I'm guessing all this has to do with toning some of the soft palate and throat muscles so they're less prone to blocking airways.