Saturday, January 06, 2007

so it's Saturday....

I took a couple days off from recording, now back to it.

The Sounds of Tomorrow - Various Artists: according to the album cover, "What it is":

RCA Victor's DYNAGROOVE is a recording process that is the most significant advance in recording art since the introduction of the L.P. In true brilliance and perfected presence, it insures the ultimate in home listening pleasure, whether played at high or low volume level.

the album itself is a sampling of dynagroove records. at least one of which i know I own, "Hail the Conquering Nero". interesting mix of pop and classical from I'll see you in my Dreams (The Cascading voices of the Hugo and Luigi Chorus) to Un Bel Di (Leontyne Price).

The First Family featuring Vaughn Meader: mmmmm, Kennedy era humor.

The First Family Rides Again starring Rich Little: moving on to Reagan.... fun trivia, it's got Michael Richards on the cover.... wearing a tutu.

Mantovani Showcase: not sure why I got this one. I probably have some other Montovani albums. Have I mentioned the box o' records I bought once? that could be where this came from. I bought a box o' records a couple years ago at Antiqueland, because they were cheap (a whole box for five bucks!!!) and skimming through it, there were some things I knew I'd like. anyhoo, the album is eight tracks from other Montovani albums, the album cover lists 25.

the eyes of love - Hugo Winterhalter and His Orchestra: a nice concept album of songs all about love and eyes. no kidding. side one consists of, With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming, I'll See You Again, There's Danger in Your Eyes Cherie, Star Eyes, I'll Be Seeing you and I Only Have Eyes for You.

Ebb Tide - Frank Chacksfield and his orchestra: is there some requirement that Ebb Tide be accompanied by ocean sounds? gulls in particular. lots of good tunes on this one. Autumn Leaves, Deep Purple.... thinking of Autumn Leaves, I wasn't aware that it was a standard when we sang it in women's chorus my freshman year of college, thought it was a nice tune, loved the arrangement we did, then I started hearing other places.

Sweet and Gentle - Bert Kaempfert: Box o' Records. I didn't recognize anything on this one. not that there's anything wrong with that.