Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Tuesday tantrum

soooo, today wasn't much better. I've got one of those things that's starting to go from my head to my chest, looks like I'll be coughing but good the next few days. Played a gig this morning then came home and conked out til RTO got home. and he's like "I know the last couple days have been rough, but don't you think since you're here all day you could put dishes in the dishwasher?" I knew it had to start sometime. ;D don't have anything on the calendar tomorrow so I probably will just rest and try to kick this crud.

Watched the Maltese Falcon tonight. whee!

oh, last night at rehearsal in the Meyerson... the place was lousy with secret service. Read in the paper today that George H.W. and Bar were in the building. last year it was Laura. Anyhoo, had some cute stuff in the paper about it. My favorite quote.....
No. 41 did cop to some paternal fury. "I did exactly what I urge
young people not to do," he said. "I'd sit in front of the TV and yell, 'You
don't like it here, CNN, well get the hell out!'

RTO laughed his [pinky toe] off at that one. You can find more stuff here. Also I tried to post this reveiw Friday.

Christmas concerts start in less than a month. Get your tickets now! I'll be singing in this one toooo. well, it's somewhere on that page, the christmas pops concert. and anyone looking for christmas ideas *cough* RTO*cough* Burt Bacharach will be coming through in March. mmmmm burt bacharach.