Monday, November 29, 2004

Kitties for everyone!!!!!

RTO's parents live on a farm/ranch/whatever you want to call it. His dad raises horses. Though we all know what it really is..... a cat ranch. we went out there Friday with my parents. lots o' kitties as usual. one very sweet brown tabby. RTO wouldn't let me bring him home. :( okay, actually our two hateful things are having a hard enough time with the dog, probably don't need to add another beast into the mix. There was also an orange tabby that kept following us around, but didn't want to be petted. I learned the hard way that he realllly didn't want to be messed with. We'd gone into the barn/garage and he slipped in the door after us, so I grabbed him, not smart. he started hissing and flailing and biting me. I have a couple of nice puncture wounds on my palm, fortunately he bit my thumb so he didn't break my skin with his teeth, I just kept feeling him clamping down on the nail. hee hee. anyway, I noted on RTO's blog a while back that my sister's cat had passed on, she's recently started looking for another kitty. Last week we mentioned we could get her a farm kitty and she told me that RTO was a cat pimp. yeah, he gets it from his parents. RTO's mom called yesterday saying that the friendly orange kitty that had been missing when we were there had shown up and would my sister like it? (we said we thought she wanted an orange one) So I called lola up.
MK: What are you up to?
Lola: oh, just going to the pet store to check out the kitties.
MK: huh, well, I just got a call that there's an orange tabby at the cat ranch.
Lola: oh, is that the one mom was telling me about?
MK: huh? oh, no, that one was brown, I thought you wanted an orange one.
Lola: um, actually I'd kinda like a stripey one like maggie and Carlos.
MK: oh, well then, the one mom told you about would be perfect. (Carlos came from the ranch) this guy is already fixed too.
Lola: cool, um, but I don't know when I can make it down there.
MK: RTO has drill next weekend.
Lola: Yay! but could you send me a picture?
MK: um okay.(you're taking this cat, you don't need to see him)

ha ha, so looks like she will be getting a farm kitty, I hope he doesn't require too much initial maintenance, like Carlos did.