Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Turkey Day that almost wasn't

So, Wednesday night RTO’s cookin’ up a storm. I helped a little, sliced up some sweet potatoes and bread. We’re at the sink cleaning some dishes and he asks hey, what time is it? I look at the clock on the oven. “ummmm, we have a problem” it’s the same time it was who knows how long ago. The microwave above is dead too. So maybe the fridge light isn’t out, the whole fridge is. Yay! He goes to check the breaker box. Everything seems okay. Reset all of them, oven’s still dead. Huh. “why don’t you call your brother?” why? He asks. I told him that’s always what I did when something was wrong while he was gone. Soooooo he calls him up, Matt says he’ll be right out (he didn’t want to watch the bachelor), they go check everything again. I’m sitting on the couch cross-stitching. Finally the timer on the oven goes off. I go outside to let them know it’s working. Turns out it wasn’t just our house, it was the whole neighborhood. The 220 line went out and the electric co sent someone out to fix it. Yay! So we got the Thanksgiving meal done without too much trouble. As usual RTO made more than enough food. He said the goal was to not have to cook again until Christmas, we’ll see how that goes.