Monday, November 29, 2004

Silly RTO

christmas lights Posted by Hello

We put the Christmas lights up this weekend. The neighbors were also out doing the same, RTO chatted with them for a while about lighting techniques. One thing that was bothering him was how to get lights around the windows. They said they used some little clips that go over the bricks (shaped like this [ ) anyhoo, so RTO is like "let’s go find some of those!" Okay. Went to Home Despot, no luck, they didn’t have very much in the way of decorations. I suggested Wally world since it’s nearby, but RTO’s all like, “I hate them, don’t make me go there.” Fine. So we went to target, no clips, he bought some little adhesive hooks instead. got them up yesterday, talked to the neighbors again, they got the brick clips at.. where else? WallyWorld. Bwah ha ha ha haaaaaa. Oh well, we got most of our Christmas shopping done in the process, just a few more things to go. probably gonna wrap things today, hope the animals don’t decide to unwrap them for once. Yeah, right.