Wednesday, January 05, 2005

rant leftovers

so was yesterday designated "get us out of Iraq" day by the dems? i saw two different congress critters with big d's behind their names saying it's time to bail. we were wrong, it costs too much, wah wah waaaaaaaah. and the repubs are heartless? one was asked how they could claim to support the troops while at the same time saying that we should cut their funding, pull them out of iraq. he said something like "i'd make sure they were covered as they were leaving" from the same person who was also just talking about learning from vietnam. rrraaaaaarrrrrr. and don't get me started on the whole it was wrong and illegal thing. rto could provide the un resolutions that supported use of force, and that also have recognized the us and britain as, um, in charge of the area. you'll have to hound him about coughing up the data. one lady said something to the effect of "Clinton handled that area well" i guess if you call pretending that something doesn't exist is handling it, then sure. *cough* 93 wtc bombing *cough* uss cole attack *cough* stupid tuesday.