Saturday, June 04, 2005

scene from my voice lesson...

voice teacher: wow, that was an e flat, the last one that worked, not that last one.

MK: hmmm, we'll not speak of what i've been doing this week.

VT: oh? who's this new teacher?

i kinda practiced this week and i guess it shows. huh, who'd a thunk.

oh then i'm on the way out and he's like 'hey i won't be here next week cause i'll be doing this pedagogy thing (hands me brochure) i'm staring at it, thinking yeah, that's nice, i've got a couple hundred bucks just lying around. then he says i've been such a good student he'd be willing to waive the fees. okay, but i'd still have to get up at some undgodly hour. then i totally forgot to pay for the lesson. I'M SORRY i promise a check will be in the mail monday. i feel like such a goof.