Saturday, September 03, 2005

don't post angry....

i typically try to stay reasonable, but i've been seriously tested the last couple days. i don't react well to angry people, or maybe a better way to put it is angry people make me extremely uncomfortable, whether their anger is directed at me or not. i suppose that's why i'm up so freakin' early on a saturday. been leaving the tv on all night since rto's been gone(i know,i know, all of two nights, wooped-de-doo) left it on c-span, as they generally run or replay press briefings(so far as hurricane coverage goes) not that those are all sweetness and light, but it's better than watching reporters let people vent. i fail to see how that helps matters. anyhoo, cspan has a call in show in the mornings, whee! so i still can't avoid angry people. so many experts out there. oh well.

update: commenting? that's a totally different matter. ;p