Monday, December 03, 2007

okay, okay, something fun for today.....

Kitty wigs. found via Cute Overload.

did some looking around the site and found that the founder is also responsible for subversive cross stitch.(probably NSFW) which I don't know if I've ever posted about it, but I've seen it before. kinda funny.

so long as I'm posting links my mom wouldn't approve of. This had me in tears a week or two ago (oh, I'm giggling again just looking at it now), and I was really tempted to at least send Lola one. but I would use a picture of Carlos. (found via Sarah W at the pw pub)

in other news I kept meaning to mention how RTO's been all about fixing things lately cause usually I just complain about him or make him look silly, but he's not really. well, most of the time at least... so the list o' things he fixed:

1. Garage door
2. my ipod shuffle
3. the vacuum (sorta) it's unclogged now, but it still sounds funny to me, but I'm the only one that hears it. yeah.
4. not so much fixing, but he's been helping with set building. a lot.